Do you know enough about your cannabis industry clients?

Many law and accounting firms run basic know your customer (KYC) checks on each new client. But very few firms have tailored their KYC programs to the specific risks of the cannabis industry, where the potential exposure to money laundering and organized crime is higher than in other industries.

To protect your firm from litigation and reputational harm, your new client diligence needs to be sensitive to the larger operational and regulatory context of the cannabis industry.

We Provide

  • Program assessments: We'll evaluate your existing KYC program to determine whether it's catching the issues it should be catching.
  • Program improvements: If needed, we'll recommend changes to the scope of your KYC program to better manage your firm's risk.
  • Vendor guidance: We'll help you work with your background check vendor to get exactly what you need in a cost-effective manner.
  • Investigative due diligence: Where appropriate, we'll go beyond background checks to help you thoroughly vet key clients.

Cannabis industry risks require tailored risk management solutions.

Ready to learn more?  We're happy to speak with you at any stage of your decision process.